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Managing Covid-19 with Hypnotherapy

It has surprised so many just how the lockdowns of 2020/2021 has impacted on people emotionally, financially and physically.


We have seen clients with so many issues that pre-Covid, lay unwittingly dormant or never existed previously.

It’s not just Nurses and Doctors. Covid has effected almost every walk of life with some folk and/or their issues being seen as derisory in the 'bigger picture'. Which is nonsense and harmful.

The perfect storm of the rapid progress of coronavirus through Europe, and the new demands on people as a result, has caused an unprecedented upsurge in anxieties and phobias.

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People have become lonely, scared and sad. Some have felt suddenly  de-skilled, undervalued or incompetent.

The added pressure on parents and children alike during the pandemic to 'do as you’re directed...'   to 'do-good' has created an invisible cloak of insecurity that’s slowly enveloped many.


In any other time we’d say people were suffering with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) but the word 'Covid' for some reason seems to usher up a sense of national 'war like' stoicism,  that we shouldn’t moan or seek help as it’s a national issue and everybody is in the same boat, so let’s just muddle along....

That’s not the case. The pandemic has delivered some new ways of living and coping, but it’s individuals who make the family run, who go to work and school, who buy the goods and make the system work. 

You’re an individual  - it’s ok to not be coping.


Our Clinical Hypnotherapy can really help to reduce all those tensions, fears and anxieties. Pandemic or no pandemic!

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