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Initial 1hr Consultations. Free in every case.

Every person and family are unique.

We believe nobody should be forced to carry burdens and suffer longer, just because they can’t afford our fees.
We will always discuss reduced costs in these circumstances in private and in Consultation.

Online Relaxation


A 1hr session

Includes a free personal Meditation audio

Hypnotherapy for Adults

For the generic three program package *exceptions apply

Hypnotherapy for Adults
Almost all sessions are sold as three, Therapeutic appointments.

Each client receives a free audio to bolster the good work already achieved in Therapy

Stop Smoking Therapy


For most people, one session is enough.

Not smoking and saving money - sounds good right?

                    Call me!

Front Line Heroes


Front Line Heroes.  A free Consultation plus up to two, free sessions to do with any emotional issues arising from their role, or effecting them carrying out their role effectively.


50% off any Clinical Hypnotherapy fees thereafter.

Hypnotherapy for Couples

£180 For initial 3 sessions

After each free, initial Consultation, the fees are £210 for three sessions.


However there are two further, free sessions, for each client where we can focus on personal changes.

Children & Adolescents

From £45

Any Therapy with a child under the age of 16yrs is at a reduced fee of £45 a session.

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